Foreign direct investments in Romania exceeded 2.8 bilion euro in the first quarter of the year, registering a 42.9% drop compared to the first quarter last year, when they exceeded 5.07 billion euro, Romania's National Central Bank data reveals. In the mentioned period, Romania's current account deficit dropped by 73% to 2.3 billion euro.

For the first quarter of the year, of the 2.8 billion euro, intra-group credits represented 49.7% , capital participations amounted to 40.9% and reinvested profit only 9.4%. The data reveals that in the first quarter of the year, Romania's current account deficit exceeded 2.37 billion euro, marking a 73.3% decrease compared to the same period, last year.

Romania's long and medium term foreign debt exceeds 57.2 billion euro, a 11.7% increase compared to December 2008.