Trident Shopping Center from Sibiu (Center Romania) will shut down because of the economic crisis, after only four months after its opening. This is the second shopping center to close down since the debut of the crisis, the first being Armonia Braila, whose representatives announced two weeks ago its closure in the beginning of August.

The announcement was posted on the store's entrance door. Owner of Trident retail operator Constantin Mateescu refused to comment the situation.

Trident Shopping Center was inaugurated in April, being the result of a 15,000 million euros investment. Its surface covers 21,000 sqm, out of which 8,500 are taken up by the hypermarket, 5.500 sqm belong to the shopping gallery and 2,000 sqm are occupied with offices.

Beside the shopping center in Sibiu, the Trident network is made up by other three hypermarkets and two supermarkets.

Trident Shopping Center Sibiu is the second shopping center to close down since the debut of the economic crisis in Romania. The end of last month saw estate development company RED Management Capital deciding to shut down Armonia center from Braila, due to the low number of clients and low sales, according to Ziarul Financiar. RED Management Capital's managing director Andrew Stear hopes to reopen Armonia in 6 to 9 months' time. It is a project that involved 45 million euros and 37,000 sqm.