The number of businesses that suspended their activity in the first seven months of the current year is almost 13 times bigger than the figures for the same period last year, according to the Romanian National Trade Register Office (ONRC). There were 7,514 companies going out of business during January-July 2008 in Romania. This year, the figures read 95,279.

The most entrepreneurs to suspend their activities were recorded in Bucharest: 14.898 societies, followed by Cluj (Central-West), with 5,799 companies going out of business, and Brasov (Central) - 4,630.

Moreover, 13,031 companies were dissolved in the first seven months, against 2,006 - the figure for the same 2008 period. 22,621 companies were unlisted, a 183% increase against the first seven months in 2008.

ONRC data show that there were 1,046,870 active businesses in Romania in July.