Romanian media group Realitatea-Catavencu plans to launch a TV station in the Republic of Moldova by February next year, Sorin Ovidiu Vantu, the businessman who controls the media group, told on Wednesday. He said he no longer trusts general interest newspapers and that Realitatea-Catavencu will focus on electronic media.

His statements came as Realitatea-Catavencu chairman Emil Hurezeanu announced a series of measures to develop and reorganize the group in the forthcoming period, with a focus on radio, TV and Internet operations. The group also includes a number of newspapers and magazines, but no investment plans were announced for them.

Sorin Ovidiu Vantu said the TV channel to be launched in the Republic of Moldova will be a niche, news and business channel.

He said that Sergiu Toader, the former chairman of the group who returned to serve as project manager for the whole group for five years, as announced today, will be in charge with launching the TV station and focus on reorganising and re-pointing the whole group towards electronic media.

He said he no longer trusts in the future of general interest newspapers, but only in other types of publications, as the world today lives with computers, not newspapers at home.