The biggest mobile telephone companies in Romania, namely Orange and Vodafone, recorded a 745 million euros profit, if considered together. The next three mobile telephony companies recorded net losses, according to data released by the Ministry of Finance. Telemobil (Zapp) lost four times as much as in 2008, RCS&RDS slid from net profit down to a 22.9 million euros loss and Cosmote recorded losses worth of 104.1 million euros.

The economic climate worsened towards the end of 2008, out of the five mobile telephony companies from Romania - Orange, Vodafone, Cosmote, Telemobil (Zapp) and RCS&RDS - only the first two managed to record profits.

  • Orange is the market leader. Its 2008 business figure recorded 1.27 billion euros, 5.5% up against 2007. The company declared a 437.6 million euros profit at the end of last year, up 19.8% against 2007. It also hired 12.7% more people, counting 2.953 staff.
  • Vodafone increased its business by 3.2% in 2008, reaching 1.18 billion euros. Its last year net profit was 306.4 million euros, up 16.01% against 2007. It also hired more people, counting 2,950 staff.
  • Cosmote, the third biggest mobile telephony operator in Romania, saw its losses reaching 104.1 million euros. The company's business figure in 2008 was 310.9 million euros, according to the Finance Ministry. Greek group OTE shows that operational losses suffered by Cosmote Romania reduced from 88.3 million euros in 2007 to 52.8 million euros in 2008. Last people, there were 1,032 staff working for Cosmote.
  • Telemobil (Zapp) faced a significant decrease of the business figure, 4.3 times bigger than the previous one. In 2008, Zapp's business figure was 60.6 million euros 32.2% down against 2007, causing 40.5 million euros worth of losses. The number of Telemobil employees dropped by 8.2%, reaching 698 staff.
  • Cosmote Group signed in June the acquisition of Telemobil (Zapp), engaging to pay 61 million euros for ZAPP shares and 146 million euros for the company's dues and debts.
  • RCS&RDS dropped from a net profit to a net 22.9 million euros loss. Its business figure was up 10.4%, recording 386.7 million euros, but it couldn’t prevent the losses. RCS&RDS staff number increased by 14.5% in 2008, counting 6,654.
  • Last year, Romtelecom became the sixth Romanian mobile telephony operator. Plus, SNR (Radiocom) won a WiMAX licence, which enables the company to sell mobile data services.