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Petrom lowers the price for diesel on Thursday by 3 bani/litre, the second time this week

de V.M.
Joi, 3 septembrie 2009, 16:02 English | Business

Petrom reduced o Thursday the price for diesel by 3 bani/litre. This is the second time this week that Petrom lowers the price. The first time the reference prices for fuels dropped this week, they lost 6 bani/litre for gasoline and 3 bani/litre for diesel.

Starting Thursday 12 p.m., Top Euro Diesel 5 / Top Nordic Diesel will cost 3.67 lei/litre, one litre of OMV Sprint Diesel will amount to 3.72 lei, Euro Diesel 5 will sell with 3.51 lei/litre, while OMV Alpin Diesel will cost 4 lei/litre.

The prices for gasoline which were reduced on Wednesday by 6 lei per litre remain unchanged. One litre of leadless Premium costs 3.77 lei for one litre, and Top premium leadless sells for 4.14 lei/litre. OMV Carrera 95 and OMV Carrera 100 are sold with 3.91 lei/litre, 4.54 lei/litre respectively.

Petrom company is owned by Austrian OMV group.

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