Some of the possible effects of the political crisis, seen through the eyes of the unions are: the 2010 budget postponed or reforms in the energy sector delayed. An interim government will not be able to adopt emergency ordinances which would cause serious blockages, business and union representatives claim.

UGIR 1903 union President Cezar Coraci said that Romania cannot afford two months of interim government

Coraci said that the fall of the government has detrimental effects on the business environment, especially that this political crisis adds to the economic crisis and the social one. He explained that the political instability is a problem for the business environment. He added that politicians need to find a solution to reinstate a full power government.

Business representative Cristian Parvan said that if the government fails to adopt the 2010 budget, there will be blockages in the first quarter of next year. Investments can be affected as a delay in the budget can cause blockages in using public money.

Unions express their negative impressions over the new political situation. Cartel Alfa union President Bodgan Hossu declared that the new budget will be set up on a rush due to the crisis which will have negative effects on public investments.