After three quarters, the car market still makes no comeback. September was one of the weakest months in terms of sales. Nine months after the beginning of the year, new cars sales have dropped by 57%, amounting to 114,000 units and quite a number of the large cars saw their sales plummeting by 50-60%. Kia cee'd and Renault Clio were the best sold import models. Dacia sales have been reduced to half in Romania, but the company exported 85% of its production, according to the Romanian Producers and Importers Association.

Between January and September, 114,000 new cars have been sold in Romania, against 267,000, the figure for the similar 2008 period. The figures include the commercial cars as well, a market that dropped severely - minus 71%, from 41,000 units to 12,000. Car sales dropped by 54%, close to 102, units.

If we count the commercial cars, the brand rank according to the market share is led by Dacia - 29.2%, followed by Hyundai - 7.8%, Volkswagen - 7.4%, Renault - 7%, Ford - 6.5% and Skoda - 5.8%.

When it comes to car sales, almost all brands recorded massive drops: Dacia (-49%), Skoda and Opel (-67%), Peugeot (-66%), Chevrolet (-65%).The most sold import models have been Kia cee'd and Renault Clio, with approximately 4,300 sold units, and other three models - Ford Focus, Hyundai i30 and Skoda Octavia - sold more than 2,500 units.

Out of the 101.770 new cars sold during the first nine months, 68.4% use gasoline and under 32% use diesel.