The number of Orange clients in Romania (no. of active SIM cards) increased to over 10.6 million users, up 4.8% against the same 2008 period and almost 340,000 more clients compared with the previous quarter. But the operator's incomes dropped 23%, according to the France Telecom group data. Orange chief Thierry Millet explains this by pointing at the deterioration of the economic environment, and tariffs regulation and decrease.

"Although indicators such as network traffic and the number of clients have increased, incomes continue to be under the pressure generated by the worsening economic environment, regulations and lower tariffs, as a measure responding to the residential and business clients' needs in economic crisis", Thierry Millet stated.

In the third 2009 quarter Orange Romania incomes went over 269 million euros, dropping 23% against the same period in 2008, when it recorded 249 million euros. The total incomes recorded 800 million euros after the first nine months, and the mean annual income per client amounted to 100 euros. in comparison, the same income read 122 euros in 2008.

"The client database increased in all segments (...), which indicated that the services Orange launched during this semester were one of the most appreciated in the market", Millet added.

On September 30 2009, out the total number of Orange clients recorded, 2,236,000 were also using the mobile broadband internet services, up 95% against the same 2008 period. . Nevertheless, at this point last year, Orange recorded a 127% increase against 2007 in the number of clients using this service.

After the second semester in 2009, Orange Romania counted 10,354 million clients, 2.6% up against the first 2008 semester, but still less then what it counted at the last year, namely 10,355 million users.