Renault reported an 11% drop in their business figure for the July - September quarter. But the group claims that the result is positive, bearing in mind that in the first quarter of this year Renault's business dropped 31% and 17% in the second. During the previous quarter, Renault registration recorded an increase for the first time since the start of the crisis and Dacia registrations saw an 88% boost.

Renault Group's financial report shows that the business figure in the previous quarter amounted to 8.1 billion euros, against 9.1 billion euros for the same 2008 quarter. Overall, in the first nine months the business figure indicated 24.1 billion euros, dropping 20% against the same period last year.

Renault reps say that they see signs of recovery in the industry and they are not changing their financial objectives for the current year. During the previous quarter, Dacia registrations rose by 88%, while Renault branded cars went up by 2%. This is their first recorded increase since the beginning of the crisis. The sales have been helped by the launch of the new Megane generation and by the European Scrappage scheme.