The Government announced that Romania will not give up the Car Scrappage Scheme in 2010. On the contrary, the scheme is to be improved. One of the measures will have companies receiving tickets "to substitute what is not exported", Romania's president Traian Basescu announced on Wednesday.

Basescu was quoted by Romanian news agency Mediafax to express his intention to preserve and improve the Car Scrappage Scheme in 2005 and find various solutions, like tickets awarded to companies.

The president made the statements on Wednesday morning, upon visiting Dacia Automobile S.A. society - Groupe Renault from Mioveni.

Ex-Romanian PM Emil Boc met in September with the Group Renault-Dacia operations general manager. On that particular occasion, Boc announced his intention to continue renewing the car park in 2010 as well. This year, the number of "retired " cars increased, as did the cassation premium.

Emil Boc declared at that time that his Cabinet intended to take responsibility in the Parliament for the law project addressing the extension of the Car Scrappage Scheme for judicial persons, bearing in mind the profile industry encouragement and the renewal of the car park. His taking responsibility did not happen.

In the beginning of this year, the Government decided that the number of used cars going to cassation should be increased from 40,000 last year to 60,000. The cassation premium went up from 3,000 lei to 3,800 lei.

During the 2009 summer, the Car Scrappage Scheme was extended by the Government through granting that an unlimited number of cars that can be taken to cassation by the citizens and by including technical cars on the list of the cars that could be bought. The 2009 funds for the scheme amount to 228 million lei.