Subaru launched in Romania the new generation of the Legacy model, both in the sedan and break variants, plus the new generation of Outback crossover, the company announced. Prices start with 28,310 for Legacy Sedan and 33,189 for Outback, VAT included. Subaru sold 600 cars last year in Romania. Half of them were Forester.

Legacy is now at its fifth generation. The first was launched in 1989 and the current generation is available in sedan and break variants, with 2.0 litres and 2.5 litres engines. The new Legacy sedan is 5.5 cm longer than the previous models. The sedan is 4.73 metres long and the break model - 4.77 metres.

The Outback crossover reached its fourth generation. The first one came to road in 1995. Beside its 2.5 litres engine running on gasoline and 2.0 litres engine running on diesel, the top of the range offers a variant with an engine of 3.6 litres diesel boxer. The car is 4.77 metres long.

Last year, Subaru sales in Romania increased 61%, counting almost 670 sold cars, half of which were Forester. Legacy and Outbreak counted 100 cars together. In the first nine months of 2009, the sales of the Japanese brand dropped 41% to almost 300 sold cars, out of which 47 were Legacy and 43 were Outback.