Out of all European Union member states, Romania recorded the biggest annual inflation rate in October, namely 4.3% according to Eurostat data. On the EU level, the inflation rate was 0.5%, while in the Euro zone, there has been a 0.1% deflation.

In the top of the highest inflation rates, Romania is followed by Hungary (4.2%), and Poland (3.8%). At the other pole, there are Ireland (-2.8%), Estonia (-2.1%) and Portugal (-1.6%), where the deflation index - drops in the general index for prices - had the most significant values.

In contrast with the last month, the annual inflation rate dropped in 11 states and increased in 15. Eurostat does not have the data for Great Britain.

According to the Romanian National Statistics Institute, the annual inflation rate was 4.3% in October, following a September rate of 4.94%.