Several days ago, the Romanian Union of Banking Mediators (UMBR) cut the red tape. According to information has received, the Union aims to "resolved certain issues raised by the banking mediators' representatives, like completing the law for mediation with specific measures for the activity of banking mediators, UMBR's relationship with BNR, ARB and IRB regarding the mediation of the arising conflicts".

The information also specifies that "a close collaboration with the Romanian Central Bank has been initiated, materialising in numerous meetings where solutions for revising the banking mediators statute will be discussed, as addressed by the LAW 192/2006 regarding mediation", the document goes on to show.

The first working session of the UMBR Managing Council will be staged in Bucharest on December 4, starting 10 am. The schedule includes the strategy for working with the banking institutes, setting the framework for the "Baking Mediator" course the UMBR will follow and for the continuing professional training, deciding on and approving of the membership tax and the annual contribution for UMBR members.