Shachar Shaine is the president of the Foreign Investors Council in Romania. During the last weeks, he discussed both with Geoana and Basescu, receiving fiscal stability solutions from both of them. He's convinced that, regardless of who will win the presidential elections, Romania's priorities must remain sending efficiency and attracting European funds for infrastructure. In a conversation with, he admitted that the fiscality issue needs be resolved and that foreign investors expect stabile fiscal measures from the Government, and not ministers.

Shachar Shaine hpes that the suggestions the foreign investors community included in the White Carte would be used. The Foreign Investors Council is an association set up in 1997 and features the most important foreign investors from Romania. 110 companies are members and their investment represents two third of the total direct foreign investment in Romania.

In an interview for, Shachar Shaine says that both Traian Basescu and Mircea Geoana have promised him measures for fiscal stability. He claims he has not brought politics into discussion, because for the investors politics is important to the extent that it affects businesses. He says that foreign investors expect fiscal measures for stability, and not ministers.

In this sense, Shachar Shaine would like to see the future Government taking FIC's four proposed measures into account. Namely:

  • to solve the infrastructure problem. "It is vital for Romania";
  • to increase the degree of European funds absorption, a measure which he also considers capital;
  • use the agriculture. "Romania has a huge agricultural potential which is not being used and which appears to be uninteresting for the ones who have been in power so far;
  • provide the fiscal code with stability measures "Jokes apart, I dream that in Romania there will be fiscal stability. We don’t want that the Government comes up with fiscal surprises".