Audi launched worldwide the newest A8 limo generation, a model that is available with two engine options, namely V8 and V6. The new A8will be brought in spring 2010 on the Romanian market by Porsche Romania. During the last three years, A8 sold about 150 cars in the country.

The car is 5.13 metres long and therefore longer than the generation currently on the market, but also longer than its Mercedes S Klasse and BMW series & competition. The new A8 will first be available with two V8 engines - one on gasoline (4.2 litres and 372 HP) and one on diesel (4.2 litres, 350 HP). The diesel A* can get to 100 km in 5.5 seconds, and the gasoline A* needs 5.7 seconds.

Later, the car will feature a smaller diesel, V6, 3 litres and 250 HP, followed by the 204 HP model, which will drive will reduced CO2 emissions, under 160 g/km.

The aluminium shell car will be one of the most ecological on the market. Plus, it will feature a night-vision system, to avoid collisions during nigh time.

Audi A8 has reached its third generation. The first was launched in 1994 and the second, in 2002.

During the first nine months of the year, Audi sold 11 A8 models in Romania, in contrast with 48, the number of new Audi A8 sold during the same period of 2008.