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The first "Romanian" euro coins might be produced in Brasov

de Dan Popa, transl/adapt. C.B.
Luni, 11 ianuarie 2010, 18:09 English | Business

The first euro coins to be produced in Romania might come from Metrom Brasov (Central) next year, Brasov senator Titus Corlatean told To warm up, Metrom will first produce Romanian coins (lei). The first tests have already been designed and wait to be "authorised" by the Central Bank (BNR).

"We lead advanced discussions with the National Bank, with colleagues from the state's Treasury for producing the European coins with Metrom Brasov. Metrom Brasov luckily has the technical capacity to do it and instead of contacting foreign companies to produce the coins, we should better make them in our country", Corlatean said. The senator from Brasov explained for that in order to have euro coins supplies at the moment Romania joins Euroland, the production of the unique coin must start at least three years before.

According to him, after the coins are produced, they are dispatched with a maximum security transport to the Central European Bank, where they are being verified. The coins go through finishing touches before they are sent back. "The entire procedure is quite lengthy and if we don't take the necessary actions now, we might realise the time to produce euro is up for us", Corlatean said. He noted that the Central Bank seemed very open to talk with the company from Brasov.  

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