Romania's transports infrastructure should be a priority for the government, members of the Foreign Investors Council consider, who declared that European funds should accessed for such works. Moreover, they declared that public-private deals, like the one signed for Comarnic - Brasov highway need to be continued.

Markus Wirth, Holcim General Director said that budgetary allocations for infrastructures should target a certain project and not to a multitude of projects. He added that this method will ensure that at least one project is finished.

He suggested that the government should attract EU money for infrastructure, as Romania is eligible for substantial sums from the EU. President of the Council, Shacher Schaine declared that tourism is affected by the lack of roads and investors flee the country if infrastructure is not good.

Foreign direct investments might increase in 2010 compared to the previous year, but they will not exceed the 2008 level. He mentioned that the stability of the exchange rate can attract new investments.