Car producer Dacia, part of French group Renault, recorded 230.28 million lei worth of profit in 2009, up 3.7% against 2008, according to the figures published by the company in a fusion project with Auto Chassis International Romania, Romanian news agency Mediafax informs.

The company had a net profit of 222,02 million lei in 2008. End of December 2009, according to the patrimonial situation, Dacia Automobile creances amounted to 851.99 million lei, out of which 651.02 commercial creances and 1.51 billion lei in debt (96% commercial).

"The Auto Chassis International Romania absorption by Dacia Automobile aims to simplify the the judicial set-up of Renault group in Romania, facilitating the coordination of the engine, gear box and chassis production activities and limiting possible juridical and administrative restrictions imposed by the Romanian social and economic environment", the fusion project published by Monitorul oficial indicates.

The document includes information that have not been audited or approved by shareholders, Dacia representatives told Mediafax. "The final report will be modified/approved by AGA when the fusion will be decided, in spring. Official results will be published after AGA modifies/approves them", Dacia officials added. Dacia reps note hat the document includes an estimate balance sheet of the fusion and cannot be considered as assessment by the authorities.

The fusion will result in a significant drop of the operational and administrative costs, with an impact on the profit made by the society, its identified and stated incomes following the operation.

Auto Chassis International (ACI) was founded in 1999 as part of the Renault group. Its Romanian branch was set-up in 2002. The company produces Dacia and Renault chassis.