Romania's Competition Council has launched an inquiry on the establishment of two energy companies, CN Electra and CN Hidroenergetica, to figure out the impact of these operations on affected markets. Council president Bogdan Chiritoiu said it wanted to analyse the compatibility of the two companies with a normal competition environment considering that following the restructuring of electricity producing sector there is a possibility that dominant positions may appear.

According to procedures, the Competition Council will make a decision on the establishment of the two companies within five months.

CN Electrica is due to be established through the merger of SC CE Rovinari SA, SC CE Turceni SA, SC CE Craiova SA, SNLO SA, SN Nuclearelectrica SA, SC Hidroserv Rm. Valcea SA and branches of SC Hidroelectrica SA: SH Rm. Valcea, SH Sibiu and SH Targu Jiu. The company will operate in electricity production and distribution.

CN Hidroenergetica is to be established through the merger of SC Hidroelectrica SA branches: SH Bistrita, SH Buzau, SH Curtea de Arges, SH Hateg, SH Portile de Fier, SH Cluj, SH Oradea, SH Sebes, SH Slatina and SH Caransebes, the services branches “Hidroserv” Bistrita, Curtea de Arges, Sebes, Hateg, Cluj, Portile de Fier and Slatina, SC Electrocentrale Deva SA, SC Electrocentrale Bucharest SA, the National Coal Company SA and SE Paroseni and Termoserv Paroseni branch of SC Termoelectrica SA.