The Romanian online advertising market rose to 65.19 million lei (15.4 million euros, for an annual average exchange rate of 4.23 lei/euro), according to the latest niche research ROADS, carried out by IAB Romania and PwC Romania, a IAB communiqué shows. In 2008, the market reached 72 million lei (around 20 million euros), according to ROADS.

The study considered the figures from 18 active companies. The previous report, published in the first quarter of 2009, included the sale results announced by 14 companies, authorities and independent publishers. It was only ARBOinteractive presented then the results of the advertisement through search engines, according to IAB Romania. In the second semester, companies like Kondiment and Hyperactive joined ARBO and announced, in their turn, the publicity through search engines. IAB reps did not offer any detail regarding their worth.

According to ROADS 2009:

  • after a 25% drop (to 25.5 million lei) in the first semester, in comparison with S1 2008, the second 2009 semester  marked growth: +3% in comparison with S2 2008;
  • in S2 2009, the total incomes rose to 39.7 million lei, namely a 56% plus against S1 2009;
  • 2009 debuted with monthly incomes worth 3-5 million lei. The signs of recovery started to show in September;
  • December 2009 recorded the highest incomes - 9 million lei.

Last autumn, Initiative Media appreciated that the media spending in online+cinema were going to increase to 13 million euros until he end of 2009. The representatives of agencies and niche authorities estimated back then an annual 15-20% drop for 2009. It is expected for the market to recover in 2010.

The IAB communiqué quotes the president of the association Cristian Petriceanu to appreciate that "in 2010 we can even expect a growth, meaning going above the last year's total".

PricewaterhouseCoopers Romania representative Ruxandra Bandila was quoted to have said that "the most recent ROADS study edition reflects the fact that the online advertising market left behind the critical moment of the crisis and had a slightly upwards tendency in the second semester last year, which is remarkable bearing in mind the economy's general evolution".

The data collection for the next ROADS edition, to analyse S1 2010, will start soon after the first semester.