Representatives of state-controlled companies do not exclude the possibility that the recently announced measure to cut the budget salary fund by 25% be applied to them as well and not only to the public administration and services. Representatives of such companies said however they have not yet received any information on how a salary cut may be applied to them.

Talks on the impact of a measure announced by Romanian authorities last week to cut public sector salaries and pensions considerably starting June 1 have been flaring. Questions were remaining on Monday whether such a move would only affect public institutions or state-controlled companies as well.

  • Dorina Tiron, general manager of the National Company of National Roads and Highways: "Should there be a norm on salary cuts, we would comply"
  • Ioan Rusu, deputy general manager SN Transgaz: "For the time being I don't know about any decision on national companies. We're waiting, anything is possibility"
  • SC Hidroelectrica manager: "I haven't heard anything about salary cuts here. Frankly, I don't know if it's possible - we are a commercial society with state capital and have another statute"
  • Cartel Alfa trade union leader Bogdan Hossu: "There is no relation when it comes to state companies, nothing changes there. We're talking about the budget sector, not the state sector, which means health, education, the judiciary, defense (...) Sorry to say that I haven't seen many general managers who remained at the salary level of a state secretary"