PM Emil Boc declared that the government will propose a decrease by 25% of the salary funds in companies where the state owns the majority of shares. He said that the measure involves CEC and Eximbank as well. Other three announcements made on Wednesday:

1. 20% decrease, apart from the 15% decrease established by the budget of spending set for telephones, foreign trips etc.

2. All tenders for refurbishment and car purchases are frozen.

3. Supplementary taxes for those who own more than two properties.

PM Boc considers is it is fair to reduce the salary funds by 25% for state owned companies as well, not only for those in the budgetary sector. He said that the implementation rules will be set by the law the government is preparing.

Regarding public spending, Boc said that the measure will be included in the next budgetary amendment. He said that all costs related to telephones, transports, foreign trips and other good of this sort will be decreased.

Moreover, Boc urged all ministries to cease all tenders regarding car purchases or office refurbishments as they are not a priority. Concerning taxes, Boc said that all those who own more than one property will pay supplementary taxes.

Plus, Boc urged Finance and Interior ministers to set up some measures to counter fiscal evasion.