The potential inclusion of Romania into the South Stream project does not mean giving up immediately the version where the pipe goes through Bulgarian territory, Gazprom vice-president Aleksandr Medvedev declared, quoted by ITAR-TASS.

"It is possible that Romania joins the South Stream project, but this does not necessarily mean Bugaria is out", he says.

"At the proposal of the Romanian party, the technical-economical documentation of Romania's joining the project will not be released for now, but a simple technical-economic evaluation", Aleksandr Medvedev explained the result of the negotiations between the chief of the Russian company, Aleksei Miller, and the Romanian economy minister Adriean Videanu.

According to Medvedev, a very important question needs to be answered: whether Romania's joining South Stream is or isn't efficient economically speaking.

Plus, he made reference to the geological factors, saying this is one reason why Romania and Bulgaria do not compete.

Medvedev reminded that South Stream entails the construction of four inter-connected pipes. The Gazprom official promised to find the best solution, both from an economic and geological point of view.