The net loss of the insurance market in 2009, calculated as the difference between losses and profits, registered by insurance companies, decreased by almost six times compared to 2008 at 102.3 million lei. Seven companies registered profit, the annual report of the committee supervising the insurance market concludes.

On the other hand, the number of complaints against brokers and insurance companies increased by three times compared to last year. In 2009, losses registered by insurance companies exceeded the total profit by only 103.2 million lei. The net loss was just six times less than in 2008 when the net loss exceeded 582.4 million lei.

Seven companies registered profits last year: Asimed (over 126,000 lei), Asirom (over 5.16 million lei), Carpatica Asigurari (over 22.2 million lei), City Insurance (over 320,000 lei), EFG Eurolife (over 2.12 million lei), Grawe Romania (over 7.6 million lei), Uniqa Asigurari (over 2.47 million lei).