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Economy minister Adriean Videanu donated in July 2300 lei to the state budget to diminish the effects of the crisis / His employee, Stafie Claudiu donated ten times more, 22,000 lei 

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Marţi, 10 august 2010, 20:39 English | Business

Finances received in July donations of over 744, 700 lei and the biggest sums came from Stafie Claudiu with over 22,000 lei, followed by Marian Turlea with over 10,000 lei and Radu Adrian with over 10,000 lei. The chief of the National Prognosis Committee, Ion Ghizdeanu donated 2,100 lei while Economy minister Videanu donated 2,300 lei. 

Stafie is a state secretary in the Economy ministry while Marian Turlea is the Economy minister's chief of cabinet who earned in April a net revenue of 19.750 lei and his monthly salary is 3,461 lei. 

Finance ministry representatives explained that donations can be paid by individuals through their employees based on a written approval of the donors. The sums donated through employees will be paid by the latter based on invoices set up for each individual donor. 

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