The current account deficit of the balance of payments increased in the first quarter by 50% compared to the similar period last year, to 3.64 billion euro according to the National Central Bank data. In January - June 2009, the current account deficit was 2.43 billion euro.

The current account deficit started to increase again after the first couple of months of the year, following 13 months of correction. The deficit of the revenue balance amounted to 1.27 billion euro, a 6.6 % increase than the same period last year. The commercial balance registered a deficit of 3.02 billion euro, a 7.5% decrease compared to January June 2009.

The deficit of the current account in quarter one was 50.4% financed through foreign direct investments from non-residents in Romania that amounted to 1.83 billion euro. Romania's foreign debt reached 87.02 billion euro, a 8.3% increase than last year.