We have to maintain 2015 as a target for joining the euro zone, National Central Bank Governor's counselor Lucian Croitoru declared for HotNews.ro. He explained that if it does not matter so much if it will be 2016 and not 2015 but Romania needs to keep its objective set and prove the sustainability of conditions imposed to join the euro zone.

If Romania enters without being ready in the euro zone, it can be very dangerous, considering the evolution of some states that did it, Croitoru warned. This objective needs to be seriously prepared, as it introduces a certain political cohesion which Romania lacks right now.

His declarations follow President Basescu's declarations who urged the political class to rediscuss the euroland moment. Basescu declared that Romania needs to re-evaluate the moment it plans to join the euro zone. He declared that the main problem is whether Romania will be consolidated enough, financially and economically to face the euro zone and this decision should not be taken now.