The Competition Council fined three companies, Interfruct, Albinuta Shops and Profi Rom Food with a total fine of 16.7 million lei, about 4 million euro, for fixing selling prices of vegetables and fruits.

Interfruct received a 1.8 million lei, about 400,000 euro fine, Albinuta Shops received a 2.6 million lei, about 600,000 euro fine and Profi Rom Food received a 12.3 million lei fine, about3 million euro. The Council explains in a press release that the three companies signed an agreement through which Interfruct set the selling price of fruits and vegetables in Profi shops in Bucharest.

Such agreements are a serious breach of the free market and competition principles, the president of the Council Bogdan Chiritoiu said. Profi Rom Food director Pawel Musial said that the company did not breach the competition laws and that they will attack the fine in court.