​The mark "i", used by both BMW for some technologies and for its future electric cars and Hyundai for cars sold in Europe and other markets might become a subject of dispute between the two car makers. While BMW does not have a problem with sharing the same letter - i - with Hyundai, the Korean company is "looking at possible strategic actions", 0-100.ro reports.

According to the report, 0-100.ro contacted the two companies about possible legal actions on the use of the letter "i". BMW officials are quoted as saying there's no problem with the use of "i" by the two companies. The website quotes Alexandru Seremet, spokesperson for BMW Group Romania, according to whom the use of the i mark was preceded historically by the name the electric car program has had since 2007 - Project i. He said every time a new product is introduced legal checks are made about the naming and that in BMW's point of view there's no interference of any nature with the naming used by other producers. So, he said, there was no plan on BMW's behalf to launch a legal action about the use of the "i" naming".

But Hyundai told 0-100.ro through representatives of the local importer, Hyundai Auto Romania, that "Hyundai has already been using i-naming in Europe and some other markets, and will maintain the naming strategy in the future as well. We are looking at possible strategic actions."

Beside Project i, BMW is also using the letter for technologies such as i-Drive. The first BMW cars carrying the letter i as a product name will be launched in 2013 - BMW i3, to be followed by BMW i8. Hyundai first introduced the mark in 2007 on the i30 model. Since then, all new models expanding the car series or replacing an older generation took over the letter "i", such as ix35 or i20.