60 years after being forced to abdicate, His Majesty King Michael of Romania signed on Sunday a new dynastical statute of the Royal family. According to the new statute, the throne is inherited by Heiress Princess Margareta of Hohenzollern. The document was signed one day before the New Year's Eve and established the rights and obligations of the members of the Romanian Royalty.

In case Romania will ever return to monarchy as form of government, the Parliament will have to vote the canceling of the 1866 Salic Law, preventing women from mounting the throne.

In the new statute document, "Fundamental Norms of Romania's Royal Family", the Salic Law is described as "not corresponding to either the existing European rights, nor to the Romanian society values".

The Salic Law, adopted in 1866, forbid women from ascending the throne and imposed the elder brother or cousin as heir, in case the King had not any male descendents.

The husband of Princess Margareta, Radu, will receive the title of His Highness Consort Prince of Romania.

In a press release, His Majesty King Michael of Romania pointed at the fact that the new fundamental document of the Royal family was signed on the same day and at the same hour as his forced abdication, 60 years ago.

The King also announced his intention to reactivate the "Carol I" (Charles I) family order, emphasizing on the fact that it is not His Majesty's intention to have the royal decoration in conflict with the Presidential distinctions and medals. The order will be offered to those who supported the Royal Family in its effort for a democratic, free, prosper and dignified Romania.