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Rumors on exit-polling market: Blaga would beat Oprescu by 2-5% in clash for Bucharest mayor

de V.O.
Duminică, 1 iunie 2008, 19:51 English

Rumors circulating in political circles based on preliminary exit-polls show that Vasile Blaga, the candidate of the Liberal Democrats (PD-L) would beat independent candidate Sorin Oprescu in elections counting for Bucharest mayor today. Oprescu was seen as the winner of the first round of elections for Bucharest mayor prior to today's poll.

An exit-poll compiled by the Association for Transparency and Freedom of Expression (ATLE) by 3 p.m. shoed Blaga would win 33.5% of the votes, with 27.7% for Sorin Oprescu. Ludovic Orban, running for the Liberal Party, and Social Democrats' Cristian Diaconescu would be tied at 13%, according to the ATLE exit-poll.

Other polls compiled for TV stations Realitatea and Antena 1 show a similar order, but with a smaller gap between Blaga and Oprescu.

ATLE is a polling institute usually working for the Social Democrats.

When it comes to Bucharest districts, the situation would look as follows:

District 1: Andrei Chiliman (incumbent) - 36%
                   Razvan Murgeanu - 35%

District 2: Neculai Ontanu (incumbent) - 61,5%
                   Dan Cezar Ionescu - 21%

District 3: Liviu Negoita (incumbent) - 87%
                 Doru Giugulea - 8%
                 Teodora Bertzi - 4%

District 4: Cristian Popescu - 35%
                   Radu Silaghi - 20,9%
                   Vasile Mihalache - 11,4%

District 5: Marian Vanghelie - 43,5%
                   Sebastian Bodu - 22%
                   Sorin Banu - 11%
                   Mihai Becheanu - 10%

District 6 : Cristian Poteras - 35%
                     Dan Darabont - 27%
                     Antonel Tanase - 17%

As for Bucharest City Council:

PD-L (Democratic Liberals) - 37%
PSD (Social Democrats) - 27,7%
PNL (Liberals) - 11,5%
PNG (New Generation Party) - 5,2%
PIN (National Initiative Party) - 4%
PC (Conservative Party) and PRM (Greater Romania Party) - 3%

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