The National Meteorology Administration has issued a new orange code warning for rain in Maramures county (North Romania) and in the mountainous region, in Suceava (N), Neamt (N-E), Bistrita-Nasaud (N), Mures (Central-North) and Harghita (Central-North). Here rain quantities will reach above 60-70 litres per square meters. The warning became valid on Wednesday, July 7, at 8 o'clock and will end at 9 pm.

meteoFoto: INMH

The Yellow code warning for strong winds and rain is still on for North Romania and in all mountain and hilly regions. In these regions, the weather instability will be accentuated (rain, electrical storms, hail, strong winds). The quantity of rain will go above 30 l/sqm and, isolated, 60 l/sqm.