Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu and several other leaders of the governing Liberals (PNL) said that they did not vote in a referendum on the introduction of uninominal voting on Sunday as they saw it as a futile poll. They said they only voted in the first European Parliament elections in Romania, a poll that also takes place today. The same stand was adopted by a faction of the main opposition party, the Social Democrats (PSD).

Former President Ion Iliescu, who now serves as PSD honorary president, along with ex-PM Adrian Nastase and Senate speaker Nicolae Vacaroiu, all from the PSD, said they boycotted the referendum.

But PSD president Mircea Geoana said he attended the referendum, which focuses on the introduction of an uninominal voting system which is opposed by both the Government and the faction led by Iliescu.

The Government has assumed responsibility for a different version of uninominal voting system, which is opposed by President Basescu, who called the Sunday referendum.

Statements made by the opponents of the referendum drew criticism of the main audiovisual regulator in Romania, CNA, members of which said they believe the boycotting attitude have a negative influence on the public opinion.