The session of the Democrat Party College calmed things for a while on Wednesday. Democrats were forced to accept the merger with the Liberal - Democrats and, one by one, resignedly signed. Still, behind closed doors, the leaders of the party expressed their discontent. According to sources, the head of Democrats, Emil Boc, tried to calm down his party colleagues, saying that the merger is obligatory, with all the drawbacks it involves, and that statements and riots may not be visible, so that the party wouldn't lose its supporters.

The vice presidents and the county branch leaders of the Democrat Party (PD) refused to make any statements after the session. The PD board openly demanded all members to refrain from expressing their discontent in public.

The only leader who made a statement was former Defense Minister Sorin Frunzaverde, who said that he was in favor of the merger, but he wished that the Democrats kept their name, instead of adding the "Liberal" nomination (the new formation is called the Democrat - Liberal Party), given the fact that PD was affiliated in the European Popular Party.