Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Mircea Geoana admits in a interview to have met Liberal PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu to discuss the new 2008 budget proposal. Geoana also talked about his party strategy after the European Parliamentary elections.

Geoana talked about his meeting with PM Tariceanu last Thursday and their negotiation of the 2008 budget proposal, denying any talks on a possible governmental coalition with the Liberals. Geoana argued that even if his party searches Parliamentary alliances for various laws, the main opposition of PSD are the right wing parties, including President Basescu's Democrats and the governing Liberals.

PSD leader said that even if his party initially took into account a possible governing alliance, they are now arguing, in a single voice for the creation of a powerful left wing opposition.

Moreover, he admitted that his seat would have been compromised had the party scored

poorly in the European Parliamentary elections.

According to Geoana, he appreciates any help he can get from former Social Democratic leaders, like Ion Iliescu and Adrian Nastase. Geoana added that he is not threatened by their presence in the party, as their political experience is not to be ignored.

Regarding the party reform Geoana brags about, he declared that despite the existence of various factions that stand against the party leadership, the party was continuing its reform to democratize the decision making process within the party structures.

Geoana admits that his leadership has been challenged by some voices within the party but he says that the performance of the party in the next Parliamentary elections is more important to consider. Thus, Mircea Geoana hoped that the party would unify its stand for this common goal.

However, he cannot wholeheartedly dismiss any alliance possibility with any of the parliamentary parties in the future.