The major disputes that ignited between Romanian PM Mihai Tudose and Liviu Dragnea, the leader of the governing Social Democratic Party (PSD), which ignited last weekend, left room for messages of dialogue on Tuesday. The two met during the afternoon and announced that a decision on a future government reshuffle would me made on Thursday. And while Tudose met President Klaus Iohannis for talks on the government party rifts, PSD officials suggested talks to aleviate the problems were under way.

Following their meeting, Dragnea and Tudose held a short press statement, announcing they would make a decision on a reshuffle, called by Tudose, on Thursday. The prime minister has pressed for the removal of controversial ministers - including some who face criminal inquiries - from the government, despite them being supported by Dragnea, who is the de facto leader of the PSD and its government and is struggling to retain his position.

Meanwhile, PSD executive president, Senator Niculae Badalau said after an informal meeting at PSD headquarters that there would be a reshuffle if Prime Minister Mihai Tudose thought there were some delays, but denied that he had spoken of resignation or that there was a rupture between him and Liviu Dragnea.

Badalau also said that Mihai Tudose was "a man" and did not play with the government as he was "a very serious man and a very good prime minister," but he was "upset" because "some things do not work in government."

The senator denied that there were problems in the relationship between Dragnea and Tudose.