Hungarian Democrat (UDMR) Senator, Peter Eckstein Kovacs announced on Tuesday that he would resign as head of the Judicial Commission on grounds that his party did not support his position regarding the National Integrity Agency, aimed at providing transparency on how public officials in Romania have accumulated their wealth.

Both the Judicial and the Human Rights Commissions met on Tuesday to debate the case of the National Integrity Agency (ANI). During talks, Human Rights Commission head Gyorgy Frunda submitted an ammendment to the law which passed with a majority vote.

Even though both commissions have previously agreed to pass the law as it is, Frunda decided to change the provision arguing that integrity inspectors can verify only the illegal wealth not the ones found to be unjustified.

UDMR Senator declared that he would not resign from the party but it would be the decision of the party's leadership whether he remains just a member of the Commission or not.