Citizens in Bucharest planning to vote in local elections this spring would prefer to vote for the Democrat Liberals (PD-L), Social Democrats (PSD) and Liberals (PNL) according to a study by a local NGO, quoted by the Romanian public radio. Over 60% of Bucharest citizens would vote for a PDL candidate, while only 37.5% would not.

According to the same survey, a Liberal party candidate may gain up to 29% of the votes while 70% of the respondents said they would not vote for a Liberal candidate. A Social Democrat candidate would gain 38.5% while 61.5% of the voters would not vote for a Social Democrat candidate.

Thus, Democrat Liberal candidate, Liviu Negoita is seen as most suited as Bucharest Mayor by 31% of the respondents. Closely followed by Radu Berceanu - 18%, Razvan Murgeanu 16.5% and Vasile Blaga with 11.2% - all from the PD-L party. The current Democrat Liberal mayor receives only 7.8% support.

Citizens are dissatisfied with the corruption of the public administration, the lack of skills of the current mayor and lack of coordination, the survey shows.