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Romania far-right senator's initiatives breach international human rights treaties

de A.C.
Marţi, 11 martie 2008, 20:44 English | Politics

Romanian parliamentarians are summoned to vote on a xenophobic initiative but the Council against Discrimination says it cannot do anything. The draft Law for the serenity of Romanians was initiated by far right Greater Romania Party (PRM) Senator Gheorghe Funar and if applied would breach no less than six international human rights treaties.

The initiative proposes discriminatory measures against Romania's ethnic Hungarians and especially for the Hungarian Democratic Party members (UDMR). Funar claims that such a law would lead to the prevention of a civil war in Romania.

After receiving negative votes from parliamentary commissions, the bill reached the House of Deputies where it was scheduled for a final vote. It was eventually rejected with 231 votes against it and 24 in favor. 

President of the Council against Discrimination Csaba Frenc Asztalos told that those who initiated the law could not be sanctioned in any way since parliamentarians have immunity and they have the right to propose laws.

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