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Poll: Independent candidate Sorin Oprescu would lure 39% of votes in Bucharest in local elections

de V.O.
Luni, 19 mai 2008, 20:07 English | Politics

Independent candidate Sorin Oprescu would win 39% of votes in local elections in Bucharest, followed by Liberal-Democrat (PD-L) candidate Vasile Blaga with 24% and Liberal (PNL) candidate Ludovic Orban with 12%, according to a study published by Romanian pollster Insomar on Monday, quoted by news agency NewsIn.

Oprescu has recently left the opposition Social Democrats (PSD) in order to run for Bucharest mayor in local elections due to take place in Romania in early June. The PSD opted to push Cristian Diaconescu as their candidate - and according to the poll Diaconescu comes fourth, with 11% of voting intentions among Bucharest citizens. He is followed by candidates Cozmin Gusa (PIN party - 6%), Verginia Vedinas (Greater Romania Party - PRM)), Aurelian pavelescu (Peasants Party-PNTCD), Condrin Stefanescu (Conservative Party-PC), each with 2%.

Buth while they seem to favor Oprescu, Bucharest citizens would rather have a local council dominated by the Liberal Democrats: 36% would vote for PD-L for the Bucharest General Council, 27% with the PSD, 14% with PNL and 5% with PIN.

The poll also showed some 61% of Bucharest citizens believed Romania President Traian Basescu was getting involved in the electoral campaign through political statements. But 51% believed the head of state couldn't influence the voting options of the people.

The Insomar poll was run on May 13-16 at the request of Romanian news station Realitatea TV.

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