After counting 4464 constituencies of a total of 16,104 at the national level, the partial results for the County Council presidencies following local elections across Romania on Sunday are: Social Democrats (PSD) get 12 candidates with high chances, Democrat Liberals (PD-L) 10, Liberals (PNL) with 5, Hungarian Democrats (UDMR) with 5 and Civic Hungarians (PCM) with 1.

Here are some of the results in key Romanian counties:

Alba:Ion Dumitrel (PDL) won with - 48,98 followed by Nicolae Popa (PNL) - 22,59%

Arad: Nicolae Iotcu (PDL) won with 39,52 followed by Cristian Dimitrie Stragea (PNL) cu 18,21%

Bacau: electoral fight between Dragos Benea (PSD) - 32,80 and Ionel Palar (PNL) - 32,10. Final results will be known after the final counting of the votes.

Brasov: Ioan Dumitru Puchianu (PDL) won with 39,68% followed by Aristotel Cancescu (PNL) with 33,49%.

Cluj: Alin Tise (PDL) won with 41,24% followed by Marius Nicoara (PNL) with 26,23%.

Constanta:Nicusor Constantinescu (PSD) won with 52,2% followed by Ion Popescu (PDL) with 20,81%.

Covasna: Istvan Kovacs (PCM) won with 38,15% followed by Sandor Tamas (UDMR) with 32,41%.

Giurgiu: Dumitru Beianu (PNL) won with 38,28% followed by Niculae Badalau (PSD) with 31,52%

Galati: open electoral competition between Eugen Durbaca (PC) - 26,9% with Eugen Chebac (PSD) with 25,47%.

Iasi: Open electoral competition between Constantin Simirad (PSD) with 33,45% and Traian Dobre (PNL) with 28,85%.

Ilfov: Marian Petrache (PNL) won with 38,46% followed by Anghel Iordanescu (PSD) with 33,93%

Maramures: open electoral competition between Mircea Man (PDL) with 28,94% and Pamfil Berceanu (PNL) - 24,6%

Mures: Emoke Edita Lokodi (UDMR) won with 49,72% followed by Minodor Ciprian DObre (PNL) with 21,89%

Olt: Paul Stanescu (PSD) win with 44,31% followed by Marin Ionica (PDL) with 24,05%

Sibiu: Ioan Cindrea (PSD) won with 32,6% followed by Ioan Ariton (PDL) with 27,37%

Timis: Constantin Ostaficiuc (PDL) won with 33,87% followed by Gheorghe Coifan (PNL-PNTCD-FDGR) with 26,45%

Tulcea: open electoral competition between Trifon Belacurencu (PSD) with 32.03% and

Victor Tarhon (PDL) with 30,91%

Vrancea: Marian Oprisan (PSD) won with 52,23% followed by Nini Sapunaru (PNL) with 22,17%