Bucharest Electoral Office decided to recount all void votes in Bucharest following the Sunday local elections, after admitting a challenge submitted by the Romanian National Peasants Party (PNTCD). Electoral Office President Ileana Danaila declared that there are some tens of thousands of void votes in Bucharest both for the General Council and for the City Hall.

Danaila announced that this will postpone the date when official results will be made official. BEM officials declared that in Bucharest there are some 40,000 void votes in Bucharest and 25,000 of them regard the General Council.

At 10 a.m the official partial results were:

  • for Bucharest City Hall

Sorin Oprescu - 33,1%

Vasile Blaga - 29,6%

Cristian Diaconescu - 12,4%

  • for the General Council

PD-L - 36,8%

PSD - 24,3%

PNL - 11,5