Social Democrats announced they would support in the second round of local elections in Bucharest the Liberal candidate for district 1 mayor Andrei Chiliman in his electoral competition against Democrat Liberal (PD-L) Razvan Murgeanu. PSD head Mircea Geoana and former PSD Romania President Ion Iliescu declared after a party meeting that their main goal was to block the Democrat Liberals.

Mircea Geoana announced that Social Democrats decided to support any candidate who runs against Democrat Liberals. Thus, they will also support Conservative Party candidate "Piedone" Popescu at Bucharest District 4 city hall and Sorin Oprescu, independent candidate for Bucharest mayor.

Interesting enough, while Social Democrats officially announced their fight against the right wing party, they support the Liberal party, placed on the center right spectrum. Liberal Crin Antonescu declared that his party was not disturbed by the Social Democratic strategy and added that there is nothing they can do.

Andrei Chiliman declared in a press release remitted to that he was voted by citizens living in District 1 without any political color whatsoever. He added that the Social Democrats adopted this strategy in order to swing the votes of the District 1 citizens for independent Sorin Oprescu, former Social Democratic member.

Democrat Liberal head Emil Boc declared for that he considered that either PSD members fail to acknowledge the country's right wing parties or the Liberal party is void of any ideology and is comprised by a cluster of various interests.