The electoral score of the candidates running for the County Council presidency changes from one partial result to the other, the Central Electoral Office informs. According to the data presented by the Electoral Office at 2 pm on Tuesday, after counting 92% of the votes, Democrat Liberals (PD-L) gained 13 county council presidents while Social Democrats (PSD) 12, Liberals (PNL) 5 and Hungarian Democrats (UDMR) 4 seats. The electoral competition is still open for seven counties.

Here are some of the partial official results:

Alba: Ion Dumitrel (PDL) won with - 42,95% followed by Nicolae Popa (PNL) - 21,65%

Arad: Nicolae Iotcu (PDL) won with 41,32 followed by Cristian Dimitrie Stragea (PNL) cu 17,36%

Bacau: Dragos Benea (PSD) won with - 30,88% followed by Ionel Palar (PNL) - 27,72%.

Brasov: Aristotel Cancescu (PNL) won with 35.39% followed by Ioan Dumitru Puchianu (PDL) 33,20%.

Cluj: Alin Tise (PDL) won with 37,77% followed by Marius Nicoara (PNL) with 24,92%.

Constanta: Nicusor Constantinescu (PSD) won with 50,28% followed by Ion Popescu (PDL) with 21,68%.

Covasna: Sandor Tamas (UDMR) won with 46,18%, followed by Istvan Kovacs (PCM) with 27,78%.

Giurgiu: Dumitru Beianu (PNL) won with 36,77% followed by Niculae Badalau (PSD) with 27,80%

Galati: Eugen Durbaca (PC) won with 24,92% followed by Eugen Chebac (PSD) with 27,80%.

Iasi: Constantin Simirad (PSD) won with 35,76% followed by Dan Crlan (PD-L) 28,68%.

Ilfov: Cristian Radulescu (PD-L) won with 35,24% followed by Marian Petrache (PNL) with 33,16%

Maramures: Mircea Man (PDL) won with 26,83% followed by Pamfil Bercean (PNL) - 23,7%

Mures: Emoke Edita Lokodi (UDMR) won with 35,55% followed by Minodor Ciprian Dobre (PNL) with 33,74%

Olt: open electoral competition between Marin Ionica (PDL) with 34,59% followed by Paul Stanescu (PSD) with 34,74%

Sibiu: open electoral competition between by Ioan Ariton (PDL) with 30,38% followed by Ioan Cindrea (PSD) with 29,66% followed

Timis: Constantin Ostaficiuc (PDL) won with 35,37% followed by Ilie Sarbu (PSD) with 26,34%

Tulcea: Victor Tarhon (PDL) won with 32,94% followed Trifon Belacurencu (PSD) with 27,73%