Romania Senate speaker Nicolae Vacaroiu said in Pitesti, South Romania on Friday that President Traian Basescu was "breaching the Constitution more and more often and should he stick to the line he may have the surprise of a new suspension", according to Romanian news agency Newsin. Basescu was suspended in spring 2007 under allegations that he breached the Constitution but remained in office after a referendum to dismiss him failed.

Vacaroiu made the statement as President Basescu has been speaking of a possible nomination of a prime-minister from the ranks of the Liberal-Democratic (PD-L) party following general elections due this fall.

According to the Senate speaker, should the President be suspended, things would get easier because "the interim president would name the prime minister".

President Basescu said in an interview for Iasi-based TV station Tele M that he regretted naming Calin Popescu Tariceanu, a Liberal, instead of a member of the Democratic Party as head of the government in 2004.