Only 23.23% of Romanians showed up and voted by 2 p.m. in the local elections taking place across the country on Sunday. According to a spokesman of the Central Electoral Office, turnout in urban areas stood at 18.44% and in rural areas reached 31.05%. The Bucharest Electoral Office announced 15.28% of the citizens of the capital city showed up and voted by 2 p.m. Turnout at country level by 2 p.m. in the first round of elections on June 1 reached 23.26% nationwide and 14.84% in Bucharest.

Turnout in 26 counties was above the national average, with the highest rate in the counties of Ilfov (39.24%), Gorj (29.09%) and Dolj (36.10%) and the lowest in the counties of Bistrita Nasaud, Braila and Baramures with less than 19%.

In Bucharest, the highest turnout was reported in District 1 (19.53%) and the lowest in District 3 (11.95%).