The Central Electoral Office announced on Monday afternoon that the turnout in local elections across Romania on Sunday was 49.77%. The official partial results at 5 pm show that in Bucharest the turnout was 31.42%, the institution's spokesperson Marian Muhulet declared. Independent candidate for Bucharest mayor Sorin Oprescu obtained 56.47% of the cast votes while rival Democratic Liberal candidate Vasile Blaga - 43.52%.

Here are some of the official partial results announced:

  • number of mandates obtained: 1,468
  • number of mandates per party:

PSD 476

PDL 434

PNL 349

independent candidates 41

PC 37


PNG 33

PRM 16


  • number of votes obtained by candidates in Bucharest:

Sorin Oprescu - 56.47%

Vasile Blaga - 43.52%