Former Romanian PM Adrian Nastase could find himself in court again, in a new case in which the Chamber of Deputies' approval of inquiry is not needed. Anti-graft prosecutors suspect Adrian Nastase of money laundering in the so called business Trofeul Calitatii in which Nastase as Social Democratic Party leader illegally used money from the 2004 presidential campaign.

The file is just set up and an official investigation is not undertaken yet. Since Nastase was party leader at the time he allegedly committed the crime, anti-graft prosecutors would not need the approval of the Chamber of Deputies to push with their investigations.

According to judicial sources, Nastase is suspected by anti-graft prosecutors that, in the 2004 presidential campaign he used electoral materials of over 10 billion Romanian Rol. It seems that the money received came from various mysterious operations.

According to quoted sources, Adrian Nastase could receive from 1 to 5 years imprisonment if found guilty.