The National Union of Romanian Judges (UNJR) accused the members of the Juridical Commission in the House of Deputies of breaking the Constitution in the Adrian Nastase case, namely their decision to block the criminal inquiry against the former Prime Minister broke the separation of state powers principle, NewsIn informs. Last week, the deputies' Juridical Commission decided to give a negative notice to the prosecutors' demand to investigate possible corruption acts related to Adrian Nastase.

"The Juridical Commission opened no less than a trial of the evidence their were presented with and acted as a Court", the UNJR release points. The press release also pinpoints the places where the Commission's arguments surpass the deputies' attributions.

UNJR officials appreciate that the Juridical Commission - by analyzing evidence and reaching juridical conclusion - broke its Constitutional role. Their role, UNJR say, is to issue a note, not to act as a court.

"It seems, in fact, that the Romanian Constitution became a luxury item, difficult to find and used in its own interest by a single power of the state - the Legislative", UNJR officials comment.